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 How GGTAXI Works



Tap each ride option to see wait time, size, and price. Then enter your pickup location and tap request—your driver will arrive in minutes.


Your ride comes to you. You’ll see your driver’s contact information and vehicle details in the app, so you know you’re getting in the right car.

Pay & Go

Hop out and rate your driver when you reach your destination. We automatically charge the credit card on file, so you never need cash.

Other App Features

Send Status

Let your friends and family know when to expect you. Tap Send Status to share your ETA in real time, so your contacts know you’re safe.

Split Fare

Share the cost of your ride with any contact who uses us. Tap your driver’s photo to use Split Fare. You can split the cost with everyone in the car.

Fare Estimate

Check the price before you go. Enter a destination to get an estimate for the cost of your ride. Fare Estimate is also available by tapping each ride option.

FAQ's What to Expect Along the Way

We are currently in in Auckland and soon expected to reach Hamilton, Wellington, Christchurch and other towns and cities of New Zealand. All you need is to get on board and specify the city you are in. We will inform you promptly as soon as we have enough drivers by reaching out through email.

You would have access to the APP once we have enough drivers on ground for the city you registered in. We always want to provide affordable and fun filled ride, therefore our APP is tailored to address your concerns and needs.

Our application system is designed to allow a limited amount of customers per driver. Therefore, your preferred city depends when you will get the link for download as a random approach is carried out on the system. Sometimes our system selects registered emails by order of registration.

We offer transparency and uniqueness in our dealings as we charge our drivers only $29 out of the total revenue generated and this leaves us with not much to give away. So it's a win-win situation for our drivers. All you have to do right now is to keep referring and informing your friends of this unique experience in GGTAXI because it helps the drivers and it might help you to get a faster ride next time, a huge saving and you never can tell, a surprise might be in the bag.

The word is spreading and we aim to expand our network to all your favorite cities and location. We are accepting driver applications nationwide, some cities have lots some have few, but we are getting an average of 100 applications a day Nationwide. You may also get help by email :

We presently can't guarantee bonuses for drivers signing up due to the fact we only charge our drivers $29 which is rare in this industry. We definitely have surprises that might spurn up depending on the revenue generated over a period of time so you never can tell when that would arrive. Out of the $29 we charge our drivers, we pay 3% credit card fees and that only leave us with very less funds for Insurance, Office, Rent, Staff, and advertising.

We don't actually offer this service as it is not part of our policy. We believe if you have tried this service elsewhere or aiming to, it is not a fun filled drive as it relates with driving in an elevator with a total stranger for up to 20 min.

Kindly take your time to fill out our sign up form which can be accessed on the homepage and you will receive a response from our team.

GG Good2go has designed specific solutions to allow increased access for all drivers. We recognize the unique needs of our drivers with a tailored package to help people get on the road and start generating income today. From getting a vehicle to insurance, to maintenance and everything in between, GG expertly manages every aspect of car ownership, saving you time and money! Most importantly, we provide members with the knowledge and expertise to optimize their earnings when they are out navigating the roads.

The information provided in the document is intended for informational purposes only and is subject to change or may be updated without notice.

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